Dallas Multifamily Investing

Catalyst Equity Partners is a Texas-based privately held real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition and management of Class C and B multifamily properties in high growth markets.


As the leading Dallas multi-family real estate investing professionals, we at Catalyst leverage strategic methods and creative deal sourcing to identify the most lucrative investment opportunities. Our research-intensive process combined with our conservative underwriting provides the opportunities to gain higher returns than more traditional investments.

Asset Management

We focus on the most effective asset management strategies when it comes to Dallas passive real estate investing. We deliver consistent results in the long term using a high level of operational expertise and a boutique hands-on approach. We minimize risk to focus on higher returns for our clients.

More than one reason to invest

Cash Flow

Dallas multifamily investing is one of the most responsible financial decisions to make, and will deliver consistent month-to-month cashflow that allows you to build wealth your way.

Forced Appreciation

Use value add strategies to increase value of your Dallas real estate investment using Forced Appreciation for asset repositioning.

Tax Benefits

Dallas private equity investment opportunities provide a range of tax benefits that can significantly reduce or even eliminate your personal income tax liabilities.


Dallas multifamily investing allows you to maximize your returns using favorable financing.


Leverage the dynamic multifamily sector by harnessing the power of a wider demographic. Demand in this area allows you to get the most out of your investment.

Community Impact

Give back to communities and residents through improvements and repositioning of your assets.


"I met Prashant and Shane shortly after joining a mutual multifamily mentorship group.  They were so willing to share and help the next guy. When I had an opportunity to invest, I did not hesitate to entrust our investment dollars with these two. The property needed a lot of work and I was interested to see how they would perform. They exceeded my expectations with executing on their business plan and the property has been performing fantastic. I would highly recommend these guys and would not hesitate to invest and/or partner with them in the future!"

- Darin Batchelder, Investor/ Podcast Host 

"We’ve known both Shane & Prashant for about 2 years. We are invested with them and are impressed by the level of knowledge, communication & performance of the asset we are invested in. They’re easily approachable & very responsive. We receive detailed monthly financial reports, updates on property performance & action plans. Highly recommend these guys!!!"

-  Ray K, Investor

"Shane and Prashant are one of the most professional Syndicators/Sponsors I have worked with in over 10 years of multifamily investment experience.  I am invested in numerous deals with them and will continue because of their professionalism, authenticity and transparency.  They are not just trying to build a large portfolio, they are seeking to build a portfolio of investments that will be long lasting and beneficial for their investment partners.  Their investment choices are well thought and fit a strategy.  I highly recommend them and invite you to get to know them.  I will continue to invest with them!”  

-  Louis H, Investor

"I was interested in investing in the multifamily sector and started meeting commercial real estate investors, lenders and operators.  I met Shane and Prashant with Catalyst Equity Partners and through discussions with them felt comfortable with their approach in identifying, purchasing and operating multifamily assets.  I’ve invested in two of their multifamily assets to date and am extremely pleased with the financial results.  Their communication, monthly financial and operational updates are excellent.  I look forward to future investment opportunities with Shane and Prashant and highly recommend them if you are interested in multifamily.”

-  Scott H, Investor

I have known Prashant for over 12 years and Shane for over 2 years. I have invested in 3 apartment investment projects with them over last 2 years and am a very happy customer. As a passive investor, I put a lot of value on trust and transparent communication, besides the asset performance. These folks excel at that and their track record shows it. I look forward to continued partnership in more of their projects and would strongly recommend them 

- Viren K, Investor

Our Strategy

Our customized strategy allows our Dallas real estate investment clients to realize staggering gains without the risk. Our goal is to help you to realize success in a way that protects your wealth and future financial position.

Our Portfolio

Interested to see what our investments look like? Take a look at our portfolio to better understand how Catalyst delivers exceptional returns on our investments.



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